Enrolment and reservations:

1. To book a place in a course please send to GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español:
– The registration form duly completed
– An advance payment of 200,00 €

Modes of payment:

2. The advance payment of 200,00 € to book a place in a course is due at the moment of its reservation by means of:

Bank transfer to GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español.

IBAN: ES93 0081 0340 5300 0108 9519


Banco de Sabadell, Avenida Ramón de Carranza 28, Duplicado, Cádiz-España .

3. The rest of the total course amount due (minus the advance payment of 200.00 €) must be paid before the course starts or else during the first three course days at the school in cash.

4. Accommodation must be paid for during the first three course days at the school in cash.

5. All expenses related to wiring money will be paid for by the applicant. It must be taken into account that bank transfers and cashing cheques cause expenses both to the issuing and the receiving bank.

6. It is not possible to pay via credit card nor with any other method of payment which has not been specified above.


7. GADIR offers a 15% discount off the course price in the following cases:
– For parties of three or more students enrolled for a course at the same date.
– For former GADIR students.

8. The discount is applicable only to direct enrolments.


9. In order to cancel a reservation of course and accommodation you must notify the school by letter, which will then proceed as follows:

– If the cancellation is received before 30 days have elapsed prior to the start of the booked course, the school will charge the student the amount of 150,00 € as cancellation charges.
– If the cancellation is received during the 30 days prior to the start of the booked course, the school will charge the student the amount of 200.00 € as cancellation charges.
– If the cancellation occurs after 12:00 a.m. on Friday prior to the start of the course, the school will charge the student the whole amount of the reservations made, be it for the courses or for accommodation.

Public Holidays:

10. During the official holidays there will be no classes, and they will not be made up for nor will there be an entitlement to any economic compensation for this reason. Please check the 2020 public holidays before confirming your enrolment


11. Accommodation will be booked as of Sunday prior to the course at 16.00. through Saturday after its completion at 12 a.m.
12. The accommodation price includes all renting expenses, as well as power and water supply.
13. Double rooms may only be booked by two students who have enrolled together for a course.

Force Majeure:

14. When the cancellation or cancellations is/are due to “force majeure”, all previous clauses in reference to reservation deposits refunds will be automatically voided and a voucher/coupon will be issued for the amount paid. The voucher/coupon can be used within the year of the cancellation or the subsequent year after towards the booking of a course and accommodation.

Force majeure is understood as any event beyond the control of the parties of an unpredictable and unavoidable nature that prevents the client or the school from fulfilling any or all of the obligations set forth in the registration booking form.

Cases of force majeure or unpredictable events are considered those that would normally be recognized as such by the jurisprudence of the Spanish Legal System.

Disputes & Controversies:

15. In the case of any dispute, controversy, grievance or difference that arises or relates to the purchase, reservation, or usage, and is not contemplated in the General Conditions page, then it will be resolve and decided in the Arbitrary Court of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Cadiz. The language use in the arbitration will be Spanish. The place for the arbitration will be in the city of Cadiz.

If, the Cadiz Chamber of Commerce finds it self for any reason in the impossibility of arbitrating among the two parts then, the arbitration will be resolved in the Cadiz Court of Law abiding to all laws and regulations of the Spanish Government.

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